«Kubanskie kazachata» - wonderful, bright collective which work with interesting and talented heads, the self-denying work, the culture, the erudition promoting education of the present actors .
The teacher of the eldest group is deserved art worker of Kuban Zdebskaya Tatyana. Teacher over younger group of collective is Sharifullina Marina.
Children sing difficult choral, genre products, not straining, not freezing for excitement, and easily and easy, with a special children's spontaneity and put in execution of songs weight of the emotions transferred to listeners. The chorus continues the tradition created on Kuban: with a song to support and please people. The chorus repertoire is wide and various on emotional filling. From a scene during a concert the songs experienced by them and in it a huge merit of talented teachers with high level of professionalism and the impetuous energy, giving the love, the creative potential to pupils flow. Their pupils for them as their native children. And because of it «Kubanskie kazachata», winners of reviews and competitions, conduct the big concert activity, act in holidays for inhabitants and visitors of a city and edge, participate in various solemn actions, decorating their wonderful singing.
The collective « Kubanskie kazachata » more than 15 years, from year to year, takes part and wins numerous competitions and the festivals which spent under the aegis of love to national culture. Children have visited Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Germany. Their creativity, love, to the Kuban songs does not leave indifferent spectators, finds all new and new admirers, bringing the deserved glory of Kuban.
The winner of I degree. The international competition «Cossack circle», Moscow (performance in the presidential case).
Winners. The international festival «Zvetnevi  rozi », Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
Winners. The international festival, Belgrad, Serbia (Performance in a palace of the King and the Queen of Serbia on royal reception).
Winners. The international festival, Kraneva, Varna, Bulgaria (the Joint concert with Bedros Kirkorov).
Winners. IV All-Russia festival of the Cossack culture «Slava Kazachiya », St.-Petersburg.
Winners. The international folklore festival «Drevljansky dzerema », it is equal, Ukraine.
Ghana-at. Assembly of the people of Russia. The international child-youthful festival of national art and sports «Garmoniya zhizni » of Ivanovo.
Winners of I degree and qualification. The international folklore festival under the aegis of UNESCKO, France, Spain.
Winners of I degree. Regional competition of executors of skill of ensembles, choruses, soloists.
Winners of I degree. The international competition «Bez granitc », «Atno », Anapa.
Winners of I degree. Folk art festival «Svet Dushi », Penza.
Winners of I degree. International festival "Syabri", Minsk, Belarus.
Winners of I degree. The international competition "Ynior", «Bez granitc », of Sukhumi, Abkhazia.
Winners. The international competition «Pod Vifliemskoy zvezdoy », Ekaterinburg.
Winners of I degree. The international competition «Druziya Bolgarye», Adler (Are awarded by the Anniversary medal).
Gold medal. Delfijsky games, Moscow. In a nomination Gamazenkova Anastas's national singing.